Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Easter - Part 2

Easter morning Lincoln woke up feeling sick.  He didn't want to eat and he basically just laid around instead of playing. I checked his temperature and he had a low grade fever.  I was so upset he had gotten sick, on Easter morning nonetheless.  I know he couldn't help it, but I was so disappointed that we couldn't go to church.  I had been anticipating this weekend, because Chris took vacation and we would get to go to church together as a family, which is very rare anymore with his work schedule. 

After we gave Lincoln medicine to lower his fever he started feeling better.  He had energy and played like normal.  I was happy because I wanted to get their pictures in their Easter clothes and we also had plans to go to my Grannys for lunch with my family.

That's what we did.  We got dressed and they had their pictures made.  Lincoln was feeling good by this time.  So after a few pictures they changed into play clothes and we headed to my Grannys.  
When we got there Lincoln started feeling bad again!  He wasn't over whatever he had had.  We ended up leaving Kenadie with my parents  while we came home and put the two boys to bed.  Harrison had not napped all day so he was getting fussing and needed a nap.  

Lincoln missed school Monday because he still had a low grade fever at bedtime Sunday night.  He was really pitiful too.  There was nothing me or Chris could do to help him feel better.  I felt so helpless. 

Before he went to bed Monday night all traces of a fever and any illnesses were gone so it was back to school Tuesday.  I was so glad he was back to his old self.  He had soccer practice, but I was unable to go because Harrison was beyond fussy.  Would not nap.  Cried if you laid him down.   He was not feeling good and I suspected teething.

I posted on Instagram this picture with the caption, "Little Buddy is an angry elf today".  It was a perfect fit and I think about the movie Elf every time I see this picture and laugh and laugh.  Love that movie!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Easter - Part 1

Our Easter weekend started off great, but ended with Lincoln getting sick and missing a day of school.   Chris has had some time off over the holiday weekend so we've stayed busy!

I'm going to back up to last week before Lincoln got out of school for Good Friday!

On Thursday his Pre-K class had their Easter party and egg hunt.  I also had an appointment with the speech teacher for Kenadie.  She is being tested to see if she needs speech.  More on that later.. one day.  I was worried that Kenadie wouldn't stay with the speech teacher, but we had met with her once before and she fell absolutely in love with her, so thankfully she stayed to get tested while me and Harrison went across the hall to meet with Lincoln's class.  The parents were in charge of hiding the 300 PLUS Easter eggs for the kids to hunt!  

Lincoln's two best friends stuck by close.  I am so happy he has made friends with his classmates.  They will be able to make good memories over these next several years. 

I was in charge of bringing cookies to the party, which was great because I hadn't had much time for shopping and cookies were easy peasy (as Kenadie says all.the.time. now).  It's not like the cookies were even needed.  There was way too much food for the kids (and parents) to devour.  

On Friday, Lincoln was out of school. We stayed home.  The kids fussed and fought and I wanted to pull my hair out.  Ha!  I do not know what I am going to do this Summer!  It was Chris' last night at work before his mini-vacation started.  So glad to have him home over the weekend.  It's been nice!

On Saturday my mom's side of the family had a cook-out.  The kids got to hunt Easter eggs and they also colored eggs for the very first time.  

MY handsome hubby trying to shy away from the camera.

 The kids started out coloring plastic dyeable eggs, but they didn't work very good, so they used their markers they had gotten in their Easter baskets from my aunt.  Those worked much better!

 Their eggs! :)

 Harrison just sat back and enjoyed being held by whoever wanted to hold him.  He had no preference.

My aunt also got him a new toy, which he loved!  He chewed on that the rest of the evening.  

to be continued...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Never, ever try to prove the husband wrong!

What I am about to say is going to totally embarrass me, but it's one of those moments between me and my better half that I would like to remember years from now, because even though this makes me look bad, it's still funny!

The other night Chris and I had just put the kids to bed and I forget what we were talking about exactly pertaining to the kids, but I made the comment that "they would be running rampid". Chris asked me to repeat what I had said, so I say it again, "they would be running rampid".  My husband informed me that it was not "rampid", but "rampant".

In an effort to try and prove him wrong, because I knew I was right, I googled it.

To my surprise, what I found was not in my favor.  In fact it made the whole situation even worse. Chris had a field day with this one!

So my lesson for the evening was to never, ever try to prove the husband wrong.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday night was Lincoln's second soccer practice and game.  

We almost froze to death.. it was so cold!  Harrison was sleepy, so I bundled him up and walked him around in his stroller until he fell asleep.. that helped stay warm a little but next time I am going to be prepared and take a jacket blanket, mittens, and toboggan

My sweet sweet cousin drove an hour away to come watch Lincoln, but little Miss Kenadie made sure to get in her "Manda" time.  She was so happy her Manda had come to play and keep her entertained at Lincoln's soccer practice.


Pass the tissues, please.

They sent home Graduation picture proofs this week.  It's getting closer for this sweet boy to graduate Pre-K4.

It's so hard to believe in 4 short months he will be in Kindergarten!  


We had errands today and Kenadie let me (finally!) fix her hair more than just a pony tail or simple braid.  I tried a messy bun and it turned out so cute!  

I had to take a picture!  I love having a girly girl!!

While we were running errands  we stopped by the mall so the kids could get a picture made with the Easter Bunny.  Let's just say it was not what I had imagined their picture to be. 

Kenadie is MAD, Lincoln looks like he is pooping, and Harrison was just happy to be out of car seat!  Only my kids.  Just keepin' it real.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All about Little Mister

Last post was all about the big kids, so today will be about Little Mister.

Having fun at Target!

First of all, Harrison has had a big week this past week.  He cut his two bottom teeth, rolled over, and found his toes!

How about a middle of the night photo!?!?

I am taking to heart that this is probably why he isn't sleeping through the night completely yet. I've always been told and with my experience from my big kids, when a baby is learning new things or has hit a growth spurt, sleeping through the night stops or doesn't happen!  Thankfully when he does wake at night he isn't fussy.  He will eat and and usually goes right back to sleep.

Drool anyone?

I should have known with all of the drooling and hand gnawing Harrison had been doing for weeks now was due to cutting teeth.  The big kids cut their first tooth around the 4-5 month mark also, but I wanted to believe Harrison was going to stay little a while longer.  Didn't happen.

Little Mister is about 4 1/2 months old and is not sleeping through the night.  It's my fault I do believe.  Well, not entirely.  With Chris' work schedule, I can not put him in his crib to sleep during the day, so he sleeps in the swing for naps and when I put him down at night.  The other two slept in their cribs from the very beginning and we never had an issue with adjusting to sleeping in the crib.  Harrison hates the crib. And I hate that he hates his crib.  With Chris on night shift (which I hope will be changing very soon), I've just been putting Harrison in bed with me when I go to bed. BIG mistake.  I wish I had never done this.  I can not sleep comfortably in my own bed.  I wake up with a sore body along with little sleep.  I put him in my bed so I could sleep and it's not working out like it should.

Some families are cut out for bed sharing, but not us.  I hate it!  I have no lies to tell.  Yeah it's sweet to be able to look over and see your little one sleeping soundly right beside you and it's so easy to make sure they are ok, but I really have to draw a line... it's not working for me.  I believe it's crucial for children to establish good bedtime routines from the very beginning.  They have their space and mommy and daddy have theirs.  My older two are proof that a good bedtime routine works wonders.  They both sleep from 8pm-7am.  Every night. In their own beds in their own bedrooms.

Well, tonight we're going back to the crib.  I tried last night, but only after he had been asleep in the swing and in my bed.  He cried and cried in the crib.  I think a lot of it was he was overtired because he had been awake for over an hour.  But tonight I am going start him out in the crib and let him fall asleep on his own looking at and listening to his sound/picture machine.  I've also got to mention that Harrison does not take a pacifier, the other two did.  I think that would help soothe him a lot.

I know someone is going to read this think I am cold hearted momma, but I'm not.  I love my babies!  I like schedules and routines, it helps them so much.  I love sleep, but I'm not getting much of that these days. I'm not even taking good care of myself.  I feel run down, I get depressed, I am not eating healthy, I have no energy.  That's why I want my babies in their own beds so we can all get a good nights sleep!

My babies are my world and this rant wasn't meant to sound mean or cruel.  I just needed to vent my frustrations because there's no one to tell.   I believe he will sleep in his crib eventually.  It will be a process and take some time, but we will get there.  And it's not like I am throwing him in his crib, shutting the door and walking away while he cries his little eyes out.  No way!  His crib is right beside my side of the bed in my bedroom.  It's literally 2 steps away from me.  I don't mind co-sleeping, but I hate bed sharing.  I want my space back!

Rant over.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Babies don't keep!

It's Sunday morning and I am sitting here with the TV playing for background noise while Harrison takes a nap.  Had it been any other morning, I would be hearing the other two kids fighting or playing instead, but my sweet cousin took Lincoln and Kenadie to church with her and I am so very grateful she was willing to do that.  Harrison just cut his two bottom teeth this week on top of a head cold he has been dealing with for the past week.  It was best we stay home, he is just way too fussy!

We had a great day yesterday.  My sweet momma babysat Harrison for me so I could take L&K to the playground.  My aunt and uncle live near a school that has a open playground for anyone to use after school hours, so me and my cousin took the kids there to play for a while.  Like three hours!

Boy did they have fun!  They hadn't had that much fun in I don't know when.  It's been so cold outside to really get out and just play.  But yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!

I think my heart sunk into my stomach a few times.  I know my kids are just being kids, but I am always thinking about something bad happening to them and I want to always protect them. Playground play could be dangerous!!

What made this day fun was the fact I told the kids that this was a "secret playground" and no one else knew about it.  They were the only kids there.  They had the entire playground to themselves and it was so nice not having to worry about something laying on the ground that shouldn't be there that they could have picked up or creepy perverts following us around.  I felt at ease and safe at this playground and so glad we could go there and not have to go to the park!

After a fun day of playing.  It was time to leave my aunts house.

Before we left she had some clothes for the kids and Kenadie's Preschool Registration form and handbook.  After we got home and I got the kids supper and their baths and put them to bed, I finally got the chance to sit down and look through everything.  I just wanted to cry!  It hit me like a ton of bricks that in just 4 months, Kenadie will be going to Preschool.  I didn't have as hard of time with Lincoln. But right now I am a hot mess thinking about her going this fall.  I think mostly because she will be going to a different preschool than Lincoln because his school is moving to another school after this year and it's going to be a completely different program than what I am use to with Lincoln.  I am scared for her because I know how shy she is and I know how hard it is for her to adjust to change and being around people she doesn't know.  One reason I am thankful she went to church with my cousin this morning because her preschool will be at the same church she will be at.  Hopefully going will help her become more familiar with it.  It's exciting thinking about her experiencing new things and preparing for Kindergarten, but I am still sad thinking about it.  I wonder who will cry more on her first day, me or her?

And let's not even think about Lincoln's Pre-K graduation next month!  I'll probably cry like a baby!

When they said "babies don't keep", they weren't lying!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Soccer Practice

This year Lincoln told us he wanted to play soccer.  He had never played any other sport before and I was thrilled he found interest in a sport.  

Disclaimer: I am not going to be the parent who tries to live their lives through their kids lives, but I will encourage all three kids to get involved  in as many activities as they want and we are able to do.  Growing up I was on two different cheerleading teams and that was it.  Both were during my elementary years and after that I didn't do a thing.  I regret it!  Plus, any sport activity is great exercise and who doesn't need that?

Last night was Lincoln's first soccer practice/game!  

In the beginning he was having a hard time loosening up to enjoy himself and have fun.  I want him to learn the game, but most importantly I want him to enjoy playing and have fun.  After 30 mins he finally came alive and did so good.

It was exciting seeing him learn something new.  I couldn't have been more proud.  

They did a lot of different drills and at the end of practice each group divided up into groups and played a little scrimmage game. 

 It was cute and hilarious because I don't think any of the kids really knew what they were supposed to do.

They handed out his jersey last night, so next week he will be in uniform and I can't wait to see.  If the weather continues to stay nice I am going to see if he wants to show me any of the new drills he learned.  

And before I end this post... here are my other two cuties at practice.

Something we learned for future practices.  Bring fold up chairs and something to entertain the kids.  Kenadie had to entertain herself and she got bored fast.  Next practice we will be prepared.